Hi, Im Audrey!

Meet Audrey!

Audrey Dixon is the owner of J. Rae’s Dallas, was born in Arlington, TX, where her love for homemade desserts was baked into her from a young age. Growing up, her mom was always in the kitchen and when Audrey was old enough to join she began to learn the fundamentals of baking and her family recipes. And with that, the tradition of making chocolate chip cookies together was born.

Audrey attended Georgia Southern University, where she studied business management and restaurant management. Little did she know these would come in handy when she set off to open her own bakery one day! Fresh out of college, she pursued a career in catering with a job in Atlanta working at a private home catering company for one year before heading back home to Texas to work as an events coordinator at Wolfgang Puck Catering. Audrey spent 5 years working at the iconic Reunion Tower, where she became a senior sales manager for the space and worked closely with all the chefs and pastry chefs to develop the perfect menus and experiences for her clients.

With a tiny voice in the back of her mind constantly reminding Audrey of her dreams of one day opening her own bakery, the pandemic became the perfect catalyst to set these dreams in motion. Audrey reached out to her aunt Jana Howell, founder of the original J. Rae’s in Fort Worth, to discuss opening her very own location in Dallas.

The family-owned bakery first opened in Fort Worth in 2008 on West 7th St. and although J. Rae’s Forth Worth has since been retired, Dixon knew she wanted to keep the family business and recipes alive and follow her lifelong passion.

J. Rae’s Dallas opened in March 2021, and you can now find Audrey behind the counter at the charming Devonshire neighborhood store baking up homemade desserts that will have you feeling nostalgic for your grandma’s cookies with every bite!

When Audrey isn’t whipping up delicious desserts at the bakery, you will probably find her enjoying time at her family’s ranch or the lake.


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